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Continuing along to the most southern of the five villages of the Cinque Terre, Riomaggiore. You can actually walk from neighboring Manarola to Riomaggiore, or you can take the train, or for some variety, take the boat.

At the outset of this section we suggested you start your day enjoying Monterosso, then take the boat all the way to Riomaggiore, enjoying those sea views of hills, cliffs and other towns along the way. If so, you will be rewarded with the most spectacular view of arrival in any of these towns, or perhaps in your entire life.

Try to be on deck, rather than inside the boat cabin, so you can see it all. Pictures give you some idea, but nothing like being there, bouncing up and down with a little salt spray in the air, with that priceless vista in front of you.


The pastel-colored homes spilling down the hill on both sides of Riomaggiore provide an astonishing vision. Here too you see that familiar pattern -- the houses tumbling down the cliffs to the water’s edge and a main pedestrian street rising up from the tiny cove, surrounded by terraced homes covering the hillside.

It’s a surprising mix of urban high density in the midst of a tranquil, rural setting. It is very quiet when you walk down the little side streets, especially in the off-season, like early October, which we suggest as a great time to be here.

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