Begium Belgium
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Video from the archives. Capital of Belgium, this major city is mostly modern but if you find the right neighborhood you will discover the historic heart of town all around the Grand Place. Like all European cities, it has many attractions including restaurants, shops and historic sites. Perhaps the most famous feature is the Manekin Pis, the statue of a little boy taking a constant pee. They claim the worlds oldest shopping mall, dating back nearly 2 centuries and still thriving today. Dont miss the excellent Museum of Ancient Art, with at least 40 masterpieces by important European painters, along with sculpture and decorative arts in a grand setting. We finish with a stroll along the Rue de Bouchers, lined with colorful but touristic restaurants, on our way to the Grand Place for an outdoor performance of Beethovens 9th Symphony by the Belgian National Orchestra.


Video from the archives. Although many travelers skip Belgium there are some wonderful towns to see here, especially Bruges, one of the best-preserved historic places in Europe. Six hundred years ago Bruges was the most powerful trading city in northern Europe but it was cut off when the harbor silted up in the 15th century. As a result everything was left intact, sealed in a time capsule of ancient brick buildings, canals and cobblestone lanes, yet with the modern conveniences of numerous restaurants, shops and places to stay. We visit the 14th century City Hall, eat Belgian waffles, take a morning stroll, check out the flea market, watch the bicycles glide by, observe the park and take a boat ride through the scenic canals.