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Conversation about travel, 1

Join us for a discussion about travel in Europe, summarizing my 35 years of leading tours, with descriptions of six different itineraries and many helpful tips. My friend Chris Raney hosts an excellent travel channel and invited me to talk about my life in travel.

We cover a lot of ground, talking about hotels, trains, restaurants, safety, meeting locals, and getting around. My 35-year career leading 80 tours in Europe is on full display, with descriptions of all my main itineraries.

00:01 introduction;   1:12 Chris teaser;   2:02 my background;   3:08 multi-monitor edit setup;   4:11 travel by train career;   6:10 why YouTube?;   9:22 Rome to London;   11:14 Central Europe;   14:46 Switzerland;   17:45 favorite country and city;   19:31 British Isles;   23:01 Northern Europe;   24:51 Mediterranean;   28:53 hotels;   31:14 how many countries?;   34:00 meet the locals;   36:52 restaurant strategies;   43:44 safety;   46:44 towns of europe website;   50:16 tourvideos and toursbytrain websites;   51:22 my closing;   52:00 Chris Raney's travel channel preview