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We are visiting Cheverny, another châteaux of the Loire Valley. It’s just about one hour outside of Paris by the high-speed train, and it is the third-most popular area in the country to visit, after Paris and the Mediterranean.

Château Cheverny is another top tourist attraction of the Loire, renowned for magnificent interiors and its dog kennels. We’ll have more hounds coming up in a moment. A visit of the château is a pure delight which reveals the art of aristocratic French living at its best.

Cheverny cherishes its long traditions, but it played no important role in French history. In the past the château was a homelike and peaceful abode for many centuries, protected from the world beyond. Amazingly, the château owners are descendants of the same family who originally built it in the early 17th century.

Chambre du Roi is richly hung with five Paris tapestries, representing the story of Ulysses.There is a central Grand Salon on the ground floor, and a guard room with arms and armor. A stone staircase dated 1634 and carved with trophies of arms and the arts brings you up to the Grand Apartments.

One hundred dogs live at Cheverny, so be sure to have a look at them. They can be seen all day during your visit. These hunting hounds are publicly fed at 5pm every day from April through September and are taken out for hunts twice weekly.

The family opened the chateau to the public in 1914, one of the first to do so, and they still operate it today.

Our series about the Châteaux of the Loire is also bringing you to Amboise, Chambord, Azay and Blois and a few other places, with our home base in the city of Tours.

Loire Valley

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